GUEST POST: No honeymoon, Robert

2020-01-19T18:17:13+01:00Sun, 19th Jan '20, 16:42|

If you needed confirmation that Robert Abela’s premiership wasn’t going to get - or deserve - a honeymoon, Sunday’s papers provided it. On Malta Today, its owner Saviour Balzan wrote about how a bunch of craven cowards vomited their thoughts about the disgraced Joseph Muscat into his lap. These revolting turds weren’t named, but according [...]

Look like the innocent flower

2020-01-19T18:16:19+01:00Sun, 19th Jan '20, 15:15|

In a normal country where we would have assumed the prime minister of the land would be committed to half-way decent governance, Silvio Valletta’s statement in his own defence today would be the last nail in his wife’s political coffin. Justyne Caruana should not last the day as government minister. We now know that in [...]

A little bit of honesty would have gone a long way

2020-01-19T14:38:50+01:00Sun, 19th Jan '20, 14:35|

The Bank of Valletta did not take criticism very well. It took an indignant view of anyone interpreting its position as problematic and replied angrily to any warning that emerging signs put its future in doubt. Its new CEO gave an interview to Times of Malta’s Jacob Borg and departed from his predecessor’s fudging. He [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Unbearable lightness of normality in Malta

2020-01-19T08:35:21+01:00Sun, 19th Jan '20, 08:35|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Robert Abela is not Joseph Muscat. 2020 is not 2019. And we are encouraged, particularly by those with plenty to hide including the embarrassment of having belonged to the corrupt regime we saw out over Christmas, “to look ahead and not dwell in the past”, to “return [...]

Mafia infiltration

2020-01-19T08:32:22+01:00Sun, 19th Jan '20, 08:32|

Silvio Valletta went on a trip to watch football with Yorgen Fenech and that’s when the police Silvio Valletta was deputy chief of, suspected Yorgen Fenech was the mastermind behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. The Maltese government lost a human rights case filed by Daphne’s family saying Silvio Valletta’s involvement was a breach of their [...]

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