2020-01-30T14:36:49+01:00Thu, 30th Jan '20, 14:36|

Today’s court decision finds my fundamental rights were breached. But that’s just a legal nicety. The court effectively found the rights of Daphne’s family were breached. Yet another way in which the state repaid them for the sacrifice of their mother, wife, sister and daughter. It found the rights of all activists and protesters were [...]

Instrument of division

2020-01-30T13:07:04+01:00Thu, 30th Jan '20, 12:51|

The Constitutional Court today charged Owen Bonnici with using the Great Siege Memorial "as an instrument of division". This is especially significant and needs specific remarks. Owen Bonnici's arguments in his own defence in his case were that the memorial needed to be restored and cleaned up every day because of the damage he alleged [...]

Owen Bonnici must resign

2020-01-30T13:02:34+01:00Thu, 30th Jan '20, 12:32|

  Owen Bonnici was not just found to have breached my fundamental human rights on 15 September 2018. He was found to have breached the fundamental human right to free expression of Daphne's sons and sisters and parents, the right of protesters in groups or as individuals every time they came to Valletta and left [...]

Court finds Owen Bonnici breached protesters’ human right to free expression

2020-01-30T12:59:17+01:00Thu, 30th Jan '20, 12:23|

The Constitutional Court today ruled in the case I filed in September 2018 against Minister Owen Bonnici finding that the minister breached my fundamental human right to free expression when he ordered the removal of flowers, candles and messages of protest that were part of the campaign for truth and justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia. [...]

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