You’re asking for it, Bob

2020-01-27T19:20:08+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 19:20|

Konrad Mizzi heading a parliamentary delegation to the OSCE to speak about media freedom and human rights is not funny. Robert Abela thinks he’s looking smart. He thinks he’s easing in an anal plug the wrong way round. He thinks he’s done enough to suck the wind out of everyone else’s sails, he’s done enough [...]

Another resignation for no reason whatsoever

2020-01-27T13:30:01+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 13:30|

There aren’t many people who can say anything good about Anthony Degiovanni. The Times called him a “Labour stalwart” which, I suppose, is something. Though it helps to be obtuse, off-putting, illogical, self-referential, toxic, deluded, monolithic, repetitive, bombastic, tiresome and irrelevant, these are not official requirements for that title. They are however requirements for professional [...]

The ‘good clean up’ stunt, Part II

2020-01-27T13:08:34+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 13:08|

Look again at yesterday’s Sunday Times headline about Robert Abela “cleaning up” the prime minister’s office after taking it over from Joseph Muscat’s smut: “Most OPM officials linked to Keith Schembri told to leave”. Hold on one bleeding minute there. Keith Schembri was himself a staffer. Sure he may have had a driver assigned to [...]

Sandro won’t have it

2020-01-27T09:45:36+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 09:45|

I think it’s wrong to let comments made by Sandro Chetcuti of the developers’ association a few days ago go past without remark. He was receiving Robert Abela in a formal setting when he said his developers’ association supports civil society’s campaign to ban private funding of political parties. Civil society is almost always on [...]

The ‘good clean up’ stunt

2020-01-27T09:04:57+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 09:04|

Robert Abela’s office is making a big song and dance about a “clean up” in the government ranks. In a story in yesterday The Sunday Times they made a claim about removing an unquantified and unspecified number of former OPM staffers representing this as some sort of cull. Of course, this is a load of [...]

New sports director of Malta’s Italian football team had been charged and acquitted for illegal betting

2020-01-27T08:26:58+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 08:26|

Gaetano Farruggio (right) Gaetano Farruggio, ex Ħamrun Spartans coach, has been handpicked by MFA President Bjorn Vassallo to work as “sports director” of the new Maltese club “Malta SA” that will be competing from next year in the Italian third division. The news was given by Gaetano Farruggio himself in an interview with [...]

AL JAZEERA: Daphne’s legacy

2020-01-27T07:54:20+01:00Mon, 27th Jan '20, 07:54|

If you haven't yet, watch this short shown on Al Jazeera's 'The Listening Post' which is their regular program on worldwide journalism. There's an interesting interview with Xarabank's Mark Laurence Zammit who speaks with remarkable candour about the realisation that many of us were too small to realise just how big the corruption was and [...]

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