Konrad Mizzi, work sets you free

2020-01-08T20:22:12+01:00Wed, 8th Jan '20, 20:22|

Let’s see what Konrad Mizzi is saying here, shall we? “You escaped from your country. We saved you from drowning. We sheltered you in our home. We clothed you. We fed you. But now learn to respect us. Us, our country, our culture, our religion and our people.” He’s addressing whoever has been causing trouble [...]

Continuity candidates

2020-01-08T14:55:33+01:00Wed, 8th Jan '20, 14:55|

Chris Fearne and Robert Abela can both be described with the term that would count as a death sentence in a leadership campaign elsewhere. They are ‘continuity candidates’. The British press is busy hanging that ignominious label on the potential successor of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader they dislike most. Clearly the British Labour Party [...]

Our people first

2020-01-08T11:48:02+01:00Wed, 8th Jan '20, 11:48|

Campaigners for the Labour Party’s leadership have been appealing for unity. Theirs is not the sort of unity that someone like the Archbishop, say, professes. It’s not about focusing on our shared and common interests, sacrificing our own needs for the benefit of the greater good. That’s unity that comes from commitment to others before [...]

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