A New Republic (11)

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These are the concluding remarks at Saturday's Repubblika general meeting by the organisation's president Vicki Ann Cremona. https://youtu.be/-2FOzl6GMJ8

A New Republic (9): The rule of law

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Eve Borg Costanzi gave a contribution on justice reform while Michael Zammit Maempel focused on press freedoms at Saturday's general meeting of Repubblika. Scroll down for the text of the rule of law chapter in Repubblika's new manifesto. https://youtu.be/RbbL0Lno_S0   https://youtu.be/uaz-K4F-EJ0   Equal Justice, Guaranteed Liberties Repubblika would like to contribute to the continuous efforts [...]

A New Republic (8): A just society that includes all

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Michael Piccinino spoke about social inclusion at Repubblika's general meeting. The social policy chapter from Repubblika's new manifesto is below. https://youtu.be/CyzRXUVhV24   6. An inclusive, just and humane society. Repubblika believes that no society can be healthy until even a single person remains excluded. We believe that we are all responsible for each other and [...]

A New Economy (7): An Environment for All

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Joanna Spiteri Staines spoke at the Repubblika General Meeting about environmental policy. The environment chapter from the manifesto is below. https://youtu.be/rPrnDhQ--aY   5. An Environment that is enjoyed by All No one lives in isolation. Whatever we do or otherwise, we will always live within an environment. The difference lies in the quality of the [...]

A New Republic (6): A New and Sustainable Economy

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Joe Farrugia, who is also Director General of the Malta Employers' Association gave this contribution to the discussion on Saturday. Scroll down for the economy chapter in Repubblika's new manifesto. https://youtu.be/ksaDNO-NHRw   4. A New, Honest and Sustainable Economy Rather than proposing a specific economic theory, we are hereby listing all those values that we [...]

A New Republic (5): Education and Information for Responsible Citizenship

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Leonard Bezzina discussed reforms in education while Josef Lauri discussed the broadcasting media landscape in Malta and needs for change there. Scroll below for the education and information chapter of Repubblika's new manifesto. https://youtu.be/VfJb3G1Nncs   https://youtu.be/UnBdtY6RQlI   3. Training for a participative and responsible citizenship Democracy comprises a series of institutions and processes, including elections, [...]

A New Republic (4): Constitutional Reform

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Edgar Depasquale delivered this contribution at Repubblika's General Meeting. The text from the manifesto under the Constitutional Reform heading follows. https://youtu.be/GZfCmQSkBms 2. Structural and Constitutional Developments  The time has come for us to examine the Constitution of Malta, the fundamental pact that makes of us a civil and democratic state. We need to reflect on, [...]

A New Republic (3): Ethics in Public Life

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Patrick Tabone intervened at the General Meeting of Repubblika on Ethics in Public Life. Scroll down to read the text in the manifesto. https://youtu.be/HSJg8BU75NQ Public Life based on and guided by ethical principles We all have the right and duty to contribute to public life. Although we do this to different degrees and in different [...]

A New Republic (2): Repubblika’s Manifesto

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https://youtu.be/lGdM9CpL0Uk Here is the introductory section of the manifesto adopted yesterday: A New Malta, A New Republic During the last few months and weeks we have undergone an experience that is unique in the history of our country. We saw the upsurge of a national movement that was not led by a political party. We [...]

A New Republic (1)

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Click here to download the manifesto adopted by the General Meeting of Repubblika last Saturday. repubblika-ram-final In subsequent posts I am going to upload English translations of the various sections in the document together with videos of various contributions made to the discussion. Here is the introduction to the session by the President-Elect of Repubblika, [...]

GUEST POST: On Robert Abela’s election

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Everyone's wiser with hindsight, and with hindsight, we should have seen this result coming.  The fact that many of us did not, or, more specifically, were duped into believing that this wouldn't happen, is yet another feather in the cap of Muscat's total control of the state of affairs both within his party and the [...]

Nixon’s choice (4): The abortion of civil society

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What will happen next? Joseph Muscat has planned this transition because he is not quite done yet serving a cold dish of revenge. In his small mind Joseph Muscat did not have to resign because of anything he did wrong or anything he was supposed to do and did not. His sense of entitlement tells [...]

Nixon’s choice (3): They get to choose your king

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It goes to show how this perversion of having card carrying members of political parties choose prime ministers for the entire nation is eroding democracy and destroying people’s confidence in public life. Consistently, the lesser candidate wins. It has happened time and time again in the UK. And the dynamics of Robert Abela’s election have [...]

Nixon’s choice (2): Shut up and win

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Robert Abela became the prime minister of Malta by not saying anything to Malta for the past 4 weeks. He stuck to the policy of contempt that was central for Joseph Muscat to survive in Castille for as long as he did. The best way to do well in a tough interview is to refuse [...]

Nixon’s choice (1): How Joseph picked Robert

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Robert Abela is replacing Joseph Muscat. Or rather Joseph Muscat replaced himself with Robert Abela. Let’s not now represent Chris Fearne as the good man who lost the battle. Chris Fearne is, or maybe was until yesterday, arrogant, self-important, completely unaware of how he comes across as someone for whom everyone else is a helpless [...]

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