The incentive to be corrupt

2020-01-20T18:36:51+01:00Mon, 20th Jan '20, 18:36|

Look at this tweet by minister Byron Camilleri. It is the same logic on the back of which Chris Fearne, in the run-up to Labour’s leadership election, said the PN was only really interested in abolishing partisan TV stations because it can’t afford its own. That may very well be the case but it’s all [...]

GUEST POST: Joseph Muscat did not betray me

2020-01-20T18:03:16+01:00Mon, 20th Jan '20, 18:03|

By someone known to me. One consequence of climate change is the melting of ice that might have been frozen for countless years. This inevitably uncovers many things that had lain there undisturbed, shielded by the protecting ice, amongst which there are many skeletons. The dimensions of such revelations are much larger than that of [...]

LONG READ: The PN wants to catch them young

2020-01-20T18:25:06+01:00Mon, 20th Jan '20, 17:57|

The Nationalist Party has started a recruitment drive for young people to sign up for a life in politics. It’s going to be a tough sell. And it really shouldn’t be. I don’t mean to suggest with what I’m about to say that it would not be desirable for us voters to have multiple political [...]

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