Eve Borg Costanzi gave a contribution on justice reform while Michael Zammit Maempel focused on press freedoms at Saturday’s general meeting of Repubblika. Scroll down for the text of the rule of law chapter in Repubblika’s new manifesto.



Equal Justice, Guaranteed Liberties

Repubblika would like to contribute to the continuous efforts to develop Malta as a country built on truth and freedom. We have consciously decided not to become a political party. Even though we acknowledge the importance of political parties, we feel we should use different tools to those used by the legislative and executive powers to build a free and democratic society that upholds the rights of every individual.

Democracy means much more than the five minutes we spend every five years to cast our vote.

Democracy is not the tyranny of the majority.

Democracy is far greater than a parliament that works on a part-time basis.

Democracy is a fragile treasure that is constantly under threat but which can flourish if we protect it and sustain it.

Whereas politics uses the tools of power, freedom necessitates the limitation of this power and control over the imposition of the personal interests of those temporarily entrusted with power.

Consequently, as members of Repubblika, we pledge ourselves to work in favour of justice and the rule of law, the collective commitment towards the common good, the separation of powers, the administration of a fair and speedy justice, the equality of all before the law, the respect of minorities, and the delicate balance between rights and responsibilities.