One-party rule

2020-02-02T10:52:42+01:00Sun, 2nd Feb '20, 10:51|

Adrian Delia’s press conference yesterday delivered cogent and compelling criticism of the government pushing forward the argument (and the knowledge of facts) about the hospitals scandal. The coverage in the press was considerable. The information that was published was pertinent, even damning. The subject was relevant. And yet this morning, no one is talking about [...]

Times leader calls for Owen Bonnici’s removal

2020-02-02T09:35:07+01:00Sun, 2nd Feb '20, 09:35|

The editorial of The Sunday Times is impatient with Robert Abela's mixed messages about good governance. The impatience is raised today after Abela said 'he saw no reason' for dismissing Owen Bonnici after the court found the minister breached fundamental human rights of protesters. "Has Abela not learnt the most valuable lesson to come out [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The breach birth

2020-02-02T09:22:06+01:00Sun, 2nd Feb '20, 09:21|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "This was never about the flowers per se. This was not a dispute over a garden centre. This was about the attempt to suppress a protest intended to pressure the institutions to reach and punish the criminals, including those operating within the structures of the State, that [...]

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