It’s time for Birnam Wood to enter stage left

2020-02-08T13:00:51+01:00Sat, 8th Feb '20, 13:00|

Adrian Delia thinks nothing can bring him down. He draws on to an imaginary past where titans led parties and no one could touch them. He conveniently forgets their hard work behind the scenes. In the past three years since he’s been on the scene people have weaved all sorts of conspiracies to try to [...]

GUEST SERIES: The Subjection  of the Social Sector (Part 4)

2020-02-08T12:58:47+01:00Sat, 8th Feb '20, 12:58|

This four-part series is written by a retired professional who keeps tabs on what is going on in the social sector and particularly on developments in the public social work services sector. None of the people mentioned in this series have any clue about what is being written about them. Their permission to be mentioned [...]

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