Edwin jaħasra!

2020-02-16T09:29:16+01:00Sun, 16th Feb '20, 09:29|

Edwin Vassallo said he was annoyed with a piece I wrote on Friday where I challenged Adrian Delia to reassure us his leadership campaign and his party since his election were not funded at least in part by Yorgen Fenech. It’s likely that wasn’t really the cause of his irritation. After all it’s not like [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: A way out of meltdown

2020-02-16T09:34:41+01:00Sun, 16th Feb '20, 08:32|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Chris Cardona, Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat are named and renamed by witnesses in the proceedings against the people charged with killing Caruana Galizia. "The fact they knew about the identity of the killers before everyone else did seems now uncontested. The likelihood that they used that [...]

BBC: Malta and the Mafia

2020-02-16T08:19:20+01:00Sun, 16th Feb '20, 08:19|

Anywhere else the arrest of three-quarters of a country's traffic police would be a shocking scandal. But Malta is the country where the prime minister was implicated in the worst sort of corruption that was eventually covered up through the commissioning of the murder of a journalist. Ten years ago you could have said Malta [...]


2020-02-16T08:14:14+01:00Sun, 16th Feb '20, 08:14|

Malta Today surveyed members of the PN and asked them where they stand on Adrian Delia’s leadership and if they prefer him over the parliamentary group. Fifty-seven per cent of party members – the people that would be eligible to replace him – support Adrian Delia and want him to stay on. That result means [...]

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