Stand up for your right to know. Nobody else will.

2020-02-24T11:50:32+01:00Mon, 24th Feb '20, 11:50|

Your right to know what’s being done with your economy depends on journalists scrutinising people who are licensed to operate banks here. Support journalism and support the fight against libel tourism and SLAPP lawsuits designed to prevent you from making informed choices for your wellbeing. SLAPP lawsuits like the one the owner of Satabank filed [...]

A tale of two carnivals

2020-02-24T11:18:41+01:00Mon, 24th Feb '20, 11:18|

This photo was taken in Valletta yesterday afternoon during carnival. In an earlier post I showed photos of the state the Daphne protest was found in this morning. Meanwhile, at around the same time, in Nadur yesterday:

GUEST POST: The very ‘umble Robert Abela

2020-02-24T08:32:19+01:00Mon, 24th Feb '20, 08:32|

Sent in by someone known to me: “I suppose you are quite a great lawyer?” I said, after looking at him for some time. “Me, Master Copperfield? Oh no! I’m a very ‘umble person. I am well aware that I am the ‘umblest person going,” said Uriah Heep modestly. “Let the other be where he [...]

What Owen sowed

2020-02-24T08:22:39+01:00Mon, 24th Feb '20, 08:22|

Activists found the Daphne Caruana Galizia protest memorial in Valletta in this state this morning. They have cared for it everyday since a court decision to condemn the government for breaching fundamental human rights for "cleaning" the memorial every day. In that decision the court said the government through Minister Owen Bonnici made the memorial [...]

Italian Senate by-election victory dedicated to those seeking the truth on the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2020-02-24T07:42:19+01:00Mon, 24th Feb '20, 07:42|

Veteran Italian journalist Sandro Ruotolo was elected last night to the Italian Senate replacing the former Senator for the Naples constituency Franco Ortolani who had died in office. Sandro Ruotolo contested the election on his own ticket “Napoli con Ruotolo” but was backed by the centre-left parties Partito Democratico and the Movimento Democrazia e Autonomia. [...]

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