GUEST POST: The Chilling Effect of SLAPPing Journalists

2020-02-27T16:27:43+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 16:27|

At the time of her assassination, Daphne Caruana Galizia had 48 libel suits mounted against her. 43 of these were civil, 5 criminal, and almost all were instigated by politicians or businessmen connected to the government. 19 alone were filed by the wealthy owner of the powerful db Group, Silvio Debono. This was done in [...]

Marthese Portelli resigns. PN MPs say Adrian Delia makes their efforts to improve PN’s prospects futile.

2020-02-27T18:43:16+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 16:13|

Ninth district PN MP Marthese Portelli has just announced she is renouncing her parliamentary seat today opening up her seat for a casual election. Marthese Portelli has been a PN MP since 2013, elected twice in a row. In a Facebook post she thanked the Leaders of Opposition she worked under: Simon Busuttil and Adrian [...]

In place of good governance we get a soviet system of appointing party apparatchiks

2020-02-27T13:49:29+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 13:49|

Repubblika reacted to the news that former Joseph Muscat spokesperson Ramona Attard has been appointed to sit on the Planning Appeals Board. The NGO said it is disgusted by the government’s decision to appoint a person whose credentials are limited to partisan loyalty. Ramona Attard’s entire career was spent working at the Labour Party and [...]

Prime Minister, Minister asked to fire Film Commissioner

2020-02-27T10:41:58+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 10:34|

An association that represents the vast majority of film producers in Malta have kept up the pressure on Film Commissioner Johann Grech to step down. He was revealed in a The Shift News investigation two days ago to have advertised the services of 7 local film production companies leaving out the majority of the 22 [...]

Malta must do much more to fight corruption and money-laundering, EU Commission draft report says

2020-02-27T10:27:48+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 10:27|

A European Commission review of Malta’s progress on necessary reforms is expected to criticise Malta’s slow progress in fighting money laundering and fixing weaknesses in the governance of the country. “There remains room to mitigate the risks from money laundering,” a draft EU Commission six-monthly review is expected to remark. The Commission will acknowledge improvements [...]

Government “fundamentally mistaken” expecting same treatment as victim’s family in Daphne inquiry – Judges

2020-02-27T09:16:18+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 09:16|

A ruling handed down yesterday by the board conducting the inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia is more significant than the very little coverage it got in the press suggests. State’s Attorney Victoria Buttigieg asked the board to be allowed to participate in the inquiry in order to be able to cross-examine witnesses [...]

UPDATED: As medical students complain about 6 Barts Students at Mater Dei, new influx expected from another UK university

2020-02-27T12:01:24+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 08:25|

Updated at 11:50. See below for corrections. The union of students in the University of Malta medical degree program complained last week about pressure at Mater Dei for spots with consultants for their own members as they compete for space with Queen Mary University students undergoing the Barts medical program in Gozo. The tension arises [...]


2020-02-27T08:12:39+01:00Thu, 27th Feb '20, 08:12|

Not everything that is illegal in other countries is illegal here. Or not everything is punishable in the same way. The bill proposed by the PN yesterday in a motion signed by Leader of Opposition Adrian Delia as well as Jason Azzopardi who first proposed the same type of bill in Parliament a few years [...]

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