GUEST: Can there be a solution for the PN?

2020-02-12T19:57:18+01:00Wed, 12th Feb '20, 19:57|

A desperate situation is when one is on the verge of despair. This is the situation with the Partit Nazzjonalista. A cancerous syndrome diagnosis is not yet pronounced. But is felt encrypted in brain cells of most; a condition that could indicate severe psychosis that could lead to suicide. He who contemplates suicide is a [...]

GUEST POST: Comparing 2018 accounts for PL and PN

2020-02-12T21:09:05+01:00Wed, 12th Feb '20, 19:44|

  The comparative analysis is based on the accounts submitted to the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Financing of the Political Parties Act, and the guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission. I do not intend to comment on every line item, but only on the most material ones. INCOME Comments During 2018, the PN [...]

The fading blue line

2020-02-12T09:45:09+01:00Wed, 12th Feb '20, 09:45|

July 2017. The government reverses a standing police policy to insist that police officers have an exemplary record. Instead policemen who have been fired or have left the corps because of criminal offences would now be able to wear the uniform again. There the government sent a very important and very ominous signal. The police [...]

The one-party state has come to pass

2020-02-12T09:42:21+01:00Wed, 12th Feb '20, 09:42|

For all the talk of an elite clan in the PN who have been preventing Adrian Delia from bringing in new faces, the party leader has an obvious difficulty to produce officials that can be described as new. Francis Zammit Dimech is interim secretary general of the PN now. There were no other candidates for [...]

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