The draft dodger at a veterans’ gathering

2020-02-06T18:38:03+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 18:38|

The PN are asking people to send them money because it’s Eddie Fenech Adami’s birthday tomorrow. There can’t be a worse day for PN supporters to be nostalgic for the days of Eddie Fenech Adami. The fact is there won’t be anyone like him and people need to start getting used to the idea of [...]

Ali Sadr accomplice charged separately in New York for busting sanctions against Iran

2020-02-06T18:15:50+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 18:15|

US prosecutors have charged Bahram Karimi with busting US sanctions against his native Iran. The bill of indictment lists but does not identify two co-conspirators with Bahram Karimi. Financial crime blogger Kenneth Rijock identified in a post today the two co-conspirators as Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad and his father Mohammed Sayed Hashemi Nejad reputedly one [...]

Doorstepped outside the bunker

2020-02-06T14:29:50+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 14:29|

Do watch this classic Jacob Borg interview with Adrian Delia on his way into the office this morning. Adrian Delia looks beat. He’s disheveled, slouched, squinting and logorrheic. And he doesn’t even have the energy and presence of mind to realise how pathetically pointless his deflections are. The fact that Jacob Borg is taller than [...]

It’s falling apart

2020-02-06T14:12:53+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 14:12|

The leadership of the Labour Party last November had a problem on their hands. The party leader was extremely popular with their supporters such that in surveys anyone who voted Labour said they trusted Joseph Muscat. But he was implicated in a murder cover-up that had engulfed the government’s agenda for two years. The party [...]

It’s not Jason that is standing alone after all

2020-02-06T11:47:45+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 11:47|

A statement by the PN Parliamentary Group set out the numbers. 17 of 30 members of the Parliamentary Group has told him to leave. That’s a larger majority than it looks because the complement of 30 includes 2 Members of the European Parliament that are not relevant for the President’s evaluation of whether Adrian Delia [...]

From tal-Barrani to Brussels. And Back Again.

2020-02-06T11:38:04+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 11:38|

Robert Abela ruled that Owen Bonnici did not need to resign after he was found to have breached the right to free expression in a case I brought against him over the systematic removal of flowers and candles from the protest site opposite the law courts demanding justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia. When he gave [...]

GUEST SERIES: The Subjection of the Social Sector (Part 2)

2020-02-06T12:17:58+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 09:52|

This four-part series is written by a retired professional who keeps tabs on what is going on in the social sector and particularly on developments in the public social work services sector. None of the people mentioned in this series have any clue about what is being written about them. Their permission to be mentioned [...]

There’s nothing to reflect

2020-02-06T09:41:20+01:00Thu, 6th Feb '20, 09:41|

A piece in The New Yorker last night reacted to Senator Mitt Romney breaking ranks with his party and voting alone with the Democrats to convict Donald Trump. The author of the piece recalled a commentary by then Junior Senator John Kennedy in a book he had written in the 1950s. In that commentary Kennedy [...]

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