LONG READ: The bridge is crossed. Watch it burn.

2020-02-09T21:34:34+01:00Sun, 9th Feb '20, 21:34|

Adrian Delia’s act of schoolyard bullying from this morning has to be some sort of turning point. For everyone else, if not for him. In an earlier piece, I wrote how Adrian Delia compared the investigations into his Soho affairs with the evidence planted on Pietru Pawl Busuttil’s farm to frame him for the murder [...]

Adrian Delia compares himself to Pietru Pawl Busuttil: says he expects PN to defend him in Soho money laundering case

2020-02-10T08:42:45+01:00Sun, 9th Feb '20, 20:38|

At a meeting of the PN parliamentary group Adrian Delia lamented the lack of sympathy he found from his parliamentary colleagues after a police superintendent confirmed in open court that the police are investigating reasonable suspicions of money laundering when Adrian Delia allegedly helped a London prostitution ring clean proceeds from crime. Superintendent Ray Aquilina [...]

GUEST POST: They have him by the balls

2020-02-09T19:54:40+01:00Sun, 9th Feb '20, 19:53|

Sent in by someone known to me. “Don’t allow the Government to blackmail the Opposition Leader” Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia in a hysteric rant on the party radio on Sunday urged party supporters to not allow the government to blackmail the Opposition Leader. Only for the graduate lawyer conveniently forgetting to point out that [...]

RIGHT OF REPLY: From Remenda Grech

2020-02-09T19:47:57+01:00Sun, 9th Feb '20, 19:47|

The below was sent in by lawyers for Remenda Grech in reply to the Guest Series 'The subjection of the social sector'. The first article in that series is linked here. As is customary on this website comments under right of reply statements are not published. Remenda Grech has been working at Aġenzija Appoġġ for the [...]

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