Defiler of truth

2020-02-27T10:46:58+01:00Wed, 26th Feb '20, 09:47|

Saviour Balzan wrote this last Sunday: “In my 32 years of journalism, being locked out, manhandled, thrown out, arrested and abused by government staffers – including former ministerial aides such as Manuel Delia – was part of the experience of being a working journalist. Being killed is not.” The context was an article I commented [...]

A sock down his gym shorts

2020-02-26T09:03:22+01:00Wed, 26th Feb '20, 09:03|

Alex Agius Saliba has good reason to be proud of the extraordinary achievement of his election to the European Parliament. Many people try it. Few succeed. So, he has undoubted qualities that have got him so far. But he seems to need us to be more impressed yet. In a mail-shot brochure he sent out [...]

Corruption in the local film industry: firing the commissioner is not enough. Though it’s a start.

2020-02-26T08:12:17+01:00Wed, 26th Feb '20, 08:12|

The government needs to do more than fire the Film Commissioner. That is what an association of local film producers asked the government to do but that request does not address the suspicion that former Labour Party employee Johann Grech was narrowing the field of suppliers in Malta in order to profit directly from the [...]

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