#occupyjustice statement:

Two months ago #occupyjustice called for the arrest of corrupt individuals, involved directly, or indirectly, in the plot hatched to assassinated investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia –  a plot that leads right up the steps of Auberge de Castille, into the Office of a disgraced Prime Minister.

We are still waiting.

These people have been ‘feeding at the trough’, to the detriment of the Maltese population, stealing from those very people they are duty bound to serve, misappropriating funds that could be invested in education, better health care, pensions and the environment.

These criminals have been obstructing justice for two and half years. They have protected each other with the sole aim of escaping justice – and why? For money, because of their greed, because of their sense of entitlement and a complete disregard to standards in public life. And because they are, ultimately, all cowards escaping a harsh truth. But they act with complete impunity thanks to the inaction of the police … a police force that has, over the past few days, lost all credibility.

Prime Minister Abela, we have taken the liberty of drafting an arrest warrant, in the hope that the acting Police Commissioner, recently appointed by yourself, takes action and arrests all those implicated in the current, ongoing investigations.

There is more than enough information in the public domain for acting PC, Carmelo Magri, to make these arrests, yet, it seems that the man you entrusted with the safety of the Maltese people, is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, by allowing these criminals to roam free and act with complete impunity. That, in our eyes, is complicity.

Prime Minister, your shamed predecessor used the power bestowed upon him by the people of Malta to appoint and defend an incompetent Police Commissioner, with the sole purpose of protecting those who are still escaping justice.

How can we, the people, feel protected, when those who should safeguard our well-being are shielding known criminals who should be behind bars?

How can we, the people, trust that the authorities are acting responsibly when they can barely keep their own house in order?

Our fight for truth and justice continues, in view of the continuous stream of shocking revelations of justice denied. Above all, our fight cannot stop when we are forced to witness the incessant collapse of our institutions, the latest of which is infested with officers who have, over the past four years, like ‘pigs at the trough’, emulated the corrupt behaviour of those elected to serve.

This is not just a symptom of the corrupt culture that has become synonymous with Maltese culture – it is unambiguous evidence of the intense rot that has been propagated by those in power.

This is our nation, this is our home, and we are the people.

We expect better. We deserve better. We demand better.