GUEST POST: The First Families of Business vs We, the People

2020-09-13T18:22:14+02:00Sun, 13th Sep '20, 16:25|

Whereas reading the newspapers has always been one of the enjoyable pastimes reserved for Sundays – poring over them after Mass over pastizzi and copious amounts of cappuccino, or in the afternoon after a gigantic Sunday lunch with family, happily hiccupping one’s way through digestion, they have rapidly become the dark cloud that remind us [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Inquiry in a mafia state

2020-09-13T07:12:18+02:00Sun, 13th Sep '20, 07:12|

From my article in today's The Sunday Times: "At least, while they await trial, the Degiorgios live in prison. But the Fenechs, the Apap Bolognas and the Gasans continue to cash in on the Electrogas deal every day, their conscience undisturbed, their luxury yachts purring, their Pacific island bank accounts bubbling gently, their hold on [...]

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