GUEST POST: What are servants for?

2020-09-09T16:51:35+02:00Wed, 9th Sep '20, 16:51|

The word ‘Minister’ originates from the Old French menistrer “to serve, administer, attend, wait on” and directly from Latin ministrare “to serve, attend wait upon” from minister “inferior, servant”. Lately, the public has seen and heard about the work of a number of our formidable ministers. Their words and actions are for you to judge. [...]

Shades of Grey

2020-09-09T10:35:50+02:00Wed, 9th Sep '20, 10:35|

Lawrence Cutajar is testifying this morning at the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry. He's been reminded of his former Deputy Police Chief, Silvio Valletta and Valletta's blatant conflict of interest as head of the investigation into Daphne's killing whilst being married to a minister in Joseph Muscat's government. Lawrence Cutajar is reminded that Daphne's family had [...]

Apart from anything else, why did she do it?

2020-09-09T10:06:24+02:00Wed, 9th Sep '20, 10:06|

Victoria Buttigieg was the State Advocate. She applied to become the Attorney General. This is not a promotion. The two positions carry the same salary. They have the same level of security of tenure. The positions both carry identical constitutional prestige. By any standard this is a lateral career move. Except the job Victoria Buttigieg [...]

Burgundy spooks

2020-09-09T08:25:37+02:00Wed, 9th Sep '20, 08:25|

In his interview with me yesterday, US financial crime blogger Kenneth Rijock said his sources tell him the United States is conducting an ongoing investigation into criminal activities connected to the sale of passports by Malta. At that interview (listen to it here if you haven’t already), I asked Kenneth Rijock to clarify how a [...]

Sharing secrets

2020-09-09T07:59:05+02:00Wed, 9th Sep '20, 07:57|

I think that the brief exchange between Victoria Buttigieg, at the time deputy attorney general, and lawyers for Electrogas published yesterday by Matthew Caruana Galizia deserves further reflection. The exchange comes out of the leak of Electrogas emails that was sent to Daphne Caruana Galizia a little before she was killed. She was killed, it [...]

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