Spare a thought for Neville Gafà

2020-09-22T16:45:51+02:00Tue, 22nd Sep '20, 13:46|

Our knight in shining armour, the muslim ronin, defender of our shores, guarantor of fitting spectacles, missionary for guerrilla warlords and hero for our time will not be able to meet Keith Schembri to discuss football for a while. It must be so hard to be a mid-level schoolyard bully finding oneself abandoned by all [...]

GUEST POST: Tangled priorities

2020-09-22T09:29:10+02:00Tue, 22nd Sep '20, 09:29|

Last November, the Times of London published an article headed “The Island of Corruption” and alleged that Malta is “riddled with corruption and organised crime”. A study by Luca Ranieri of the Department of Law and Politics of Sant’Anna School in Pisa describes Malta as “a corrupting island in a corrupting sea.” He insists that [...]

Prime Minister, oh do please cover your nose.

2020-09-22T08:54:29+02:00Tue, 22nd Sep '20, 08:52|

At the Independence Day mass yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Abela had everyone cover their nose and mouth. He didn't personally put masks on people. But his government, the one he's the chief executive of, is telling us that whenever we're in the same room with people we don't live with day and night, we must [...]

Underlying conditions

2020-09-22T08:35:37+02:00Tue, 22nd Sep '20, 08:35|

The official government mouthpieces report the mounting death toll of the coronavirus epidemic in old people's homes with the plain ordinariness of cheap vanilla. We are told the dead were in their 70s, 80s or 90s suggesting that their lease was about to expire in any case. And a medical convenience has been coined reporting [...]

And the sweet

2020-09-22T14:50:46+02:00Tue, 22nd Sep '20, 07:55|

Of course, there’s no gratitude here for our institutions to have apparently risen out of their slumber and froze Keith Schembri’s accounts now when they should have done that four years ago. But we need to recognise, we have to recognise, that things have come much further than Keith Schembri ever imagined they would even [...]

The bitter

2020-09-22T08:37:04+02:00Tue, 22nd Sep '20, 07:49|

We are of course entitled to feel bitterness. The court order to freeze Keith Schembri’s assets handed down yesterday, was as many entirely correct commenters observed, four years late. Read this pertinent piece by Jacques Rene Zammit on that. There was already enough to justify what happened yesterday when the Panama Papers emerged. Our sanity [...]

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