Wrong excuse, Robobob

2020-09-27T08:16:41+02:00Sun, 27th Sep '20, 08:14|

Robert Abela didn’t appreciate Jacob Borg asking him questions about Joseph Muscat. His first answer was that there should be no further consequences to revelations about his conduct as prime minister. He’s already resigned, so he “paid the price” for whatever. It’s funny how people in high office are tempted to think their jobs belong [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Losing a generation

2020-09-27T07:36:27+02:00Sun, 27th Sep '20, 07:33|

  From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Where I live, I have noticed children working on farms helping their parents during school hours like this was 1920. I am aware of children living in families that may afford a computer but it’s mostly used by parents for Facebook scrolling. There is no doubt [...]

Dutch TV report on Malta passport trade wins top journalism award

2020-09-27T07:08:41+02:00Sun, 27th Sep '20, 07:08|

Dutch TV journalist Siebe Sietsma and editor Luuk Mulder this weekend won the Netherlands’ top award for investigative journalism for an investigation into the sale of Maltese passports. The Loep is the most prestigious award given to investigative journalists in the Netherlands. Het onderzoek van Nieuwsuur naar de paspoorthandel vanuit Malta heeft vandaag een Loep [...]

Ronchi remembers Daphne with street art

2020-09-27T06:57:23+02:00Sun, 27th Sep '20, 06:56|

At the yearly journalism festival, the town of Ronchi dei Legionari remembered Daphne Caruana Galizia with a portrait composed of photos of journalists who like her were killed in the line of duty. In a Facebook post, Fabian Pacella, who last night was awarded a yearly prize for courage in journalism by the press freedom [...]

Apulian journalist is third winner of Daphne Caruana Galizia award

2020-09-27T06:50:03+02:00Sun, 27th Sep '20, 06:50|

The Italian press freedom organisation Leali delle Notizie has awarded the third Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial award to Fabiana Pacella, a journalist from Apulia who has worked for 20 years on investigations into the Sacra Corona Unita, the local mafia organisation that has infiltrated local politics and business. Fabiana Pacella, who works as a freelance [...]

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