Does Robert Abela read Alfred Sant?

2020-09-10T13:03:24+02:00Thu, 10th Sep '20, 13:03|

Alfred Sant's article in The Malta Independent today is split in three. The third part is interesting. Fascinating. Here it is: HOGAN’S STORY The resignation of Phil Hogan as EU Trade Commissioner from Ireland was hardly noticed in Malta. One wonders why... Hogan was one of the Commissioners most in view and was considered as [...]


2020-09-10T11:33:50+02:00Thu, 10th Sep '20, 11:33|

For weeks now, I’ve had that lingering sickly feeling which just won’t go away. Sartre uses the term ‘nausea’ to describe that sense of dislocation when you realise life is fundamentally meaningless and absurd. In Malta, the absurd has long since become the accepted normality. The head of the Hate Crimes Unit commits these crimes [...]

GUEST POST: Bernard, Adrian and the Labour trolls

2020-09-10T10:28:23+02:00Thu, 10th Sep '20, 10:28|

I just cannot fathom why the Partit Laburista has been attacking Dr Bernard Grech ever since he declared his candidature for the leadership of the Partit Nazzjonalista. Likewise, I cannot understand the Labour Party’s defence of Dr Adrian Delia. Imagine Eddie Fenech Adami publicly rooting for Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici or Alfred Sant or their internal [...]

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