Not quite, Louis

2020-09-11T13:36:00+02:00Fri, 11th Sep '20, 13:36|

There is something which does not make even an ounce of sense in what Louis Grech told the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry today. Here’s an extended quote from Malta Today’s court report: “Asked about the Panama Papers revelations that emerged in 2016, Grech said this was “a setback” for the government that had achieved so [...]

I asked the court to order the government to allow press to visit detention facilities

2020-09-11T13:15:59+02:00Fri, 11th Sep '20, 13:13|

In the post linked here I explained how I've been trying since last November to visit the prisons and other detention facilities in Malta to verify directly the veracity of persistent reports of overcrowding, inhuman conditions, torture and degrading treatment. In this post I described just how limited the visit I was allowed to make [...]

That knowing look

2020-09-11T12:37:54+02:00Fri, 11th Sep '20, 12:37|

Louis Grech described the Panama Papers as a "setback" for the Labour government this morning. MaltaToday's court reporter quotes Louis Grech saying: "We had implemented so much of our manifesto and achieved civil rights. There was a lot of good. One should not be defined only by the bad aspects, but also by the good. [...]

UPDATED: Like a virgin

2020-09-11T15:19:05+02:00Fri, 11th Sep '20, 11:18|

Updated at 15:17 Includes reaction by Christian Grima. It’s reasonable for Yorgen Fenech to protest his innocence. It would be surprising if he didn’t. The attitude that wealth justifies everything that we heard on the recordings of him taped secretly by his accomplice Melvyn Theuma does not just go away, even when facing the prospect of [...]

PODCAST: Malta’s double dealings

2020-09-11T10:35:55+02:00Fri, 11th Sep '20, 10:34|

Manuel Delia · Malta's Double Dealings Robert Abela stood with the heads of government of 6 other southern EU countries yesterday after a meeting in Corsica that was supposed to show a common front. As expected, Robert Abela underlined the challenge of migratory flows. He rightly remarked that it was not practical to develop policy [...]

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