Redundant Air Malta pilots that benefit from Konrad Mizzi’s promise to get them a government job that pays them what they earned flying planes, got a letter from Konrad Mizzi’s daddy asking them for their CV.

One would have thought Lawrence Mizzi would fully expect their CV to say they have flown planes. But we must follow procedure. This, Lawrence Mizzi says, will help the state company he runs find them “a suitable job” in the public sector.

Is there much flying of planes going on in our government these days?

They don’t see the supreme irony of this. Lawrence Mizzi was signed up into Air Malta back when it was founded in Mintoff’s glory days. He remained there until his retirement which is quite some time ago now. He’s 68 now but the government in which Konrad Mizzi was some sort of hero could not do without the services of Konrad Mizzi’s first promoter in the political scene.

Here’s daddy Lawrence in 2013 gifting us his son, who would save us from the nasty Nationalists. In exchange the government put Mizzi the elder as chairman of what is now called Resource Support and Services Limited, a fully-owned government company originally set up to take on its payroll employees made redundant from the dock yard when that was privatised and put them to some use.

I suppose at this point we’re past calling this daddy-son arrangement a conflict of interest. Konrad Mizzi is out of government and we have to pay for his insane promises and his rotten policy-making which he got away with in his time because of the false aura that he was some sort of genius that could do no wrong. And because Joseph Muscat protected him in spite of being caught populating with his assets a secret company in Panama.

Air line pilots are going to be paid air line pilot salaries for whatever humiliatingly irrelevant and unneeded position in the public service they are going to be dispatched to. Because remember these people will not be working in industrial scales where learning is relatively quick and the numbers are plenty. They will be assigned jobs in the thin end of the public service in jobs which if needed in the first place would have filled up with people paid salaries around the €20,000 a year mark. Instead jobs that never needed creating before now, will be paid several times that number.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that it will fall to Lawrence Mizzi to cover for the mess Konrad Mizzi left behind. No one else would.

Viva l-Lejber!

Lawrence Mizzi first from left; Konrad Mizzi, his son first from right.