In 1998, Daphne was a young journalist in her early 30s. She had already made her mark by then. She had been in journalism less than 10 years and yet by then journalism in Malta was already very different than when she first stepped in.

Eddie Iles is a Maltese IT professional who at the time worked at the public radio in Finland. He interviewed Daphne as part of a series of interviews with Maltese people that could help him give his radio’s Finnish audience an impression of this country the other side of Europe. The other interviews were with Francis Ebejer, Peter Serracino Inglott and Oliver Friggieri. Eddie Iles tells me Radju Malta will be broadcasting the full set in the coming weeks.

But as part of this week’s initiatives to mark the third year since Daphne’s killing, we are lucky to be able to listen to this time capsule from the past.