Joseph Muscat said yesterday the inquiry report on kickbacks paid into a Pilatus Bank account held by Keith Schembri should be published. It doesn’t happen often that Joseph Muscat echoes something Simon Busuttil has already said.

You will remember the inquiry started on the back of a 2017 complaint filed by Simon Busuttil, the legendary “box files vojta” filing of reams of evidence which have produced sufficient grounds to have Keith Schembri’s bank accounts frozen.

Keith Schembri too wanted to see the inquiry report while he was under arrest saying he won’t answer questions from the police before he’s told what they know.

He’s since been given the inquiry findings into his affairs.

Why is Joseph Muscat going on TV to ask what Keith Schembri was found by the inquiry to have done? Why doesn’t he ask Keith Schembri? He said he’s still in touch with him in spite of his disappointment with his buddy.

When Joseph Muscat behaves like that he’s a bit like a side show prestidigitator waving his white gloved right hand in your face with his left hand behind his back. All that waving looks impressive, but you know the action is happening somewhere else.

If Joseph Muscat would like us to read reports, why doesn’t he ask for the publication of a report freshly delivered to the Parliament’s Speaker just this week?

The commissioner for standards, George Hyzler, has completed his investigation of a complaint by Alternattiva’s Carmel Caccopardo about Konrad Mizzi’s “job” contract he signed with the authority he had just resigned from being minister of.

As the complainant, Carmel Caccopardo has been informed by George Hyzler that the report is done and it’s now with the Speaker. Two days ago, Alternattiva asked to see the report and they still haven’t had an answer.

George Hyzler was asked a question by Alternattiva Demokratika. Their premise was that giving Konrad Mizzi an €80,000 ‘consultancy’ contract to compensate him for resigning in disgrace was self-evidently wrong. But who took the decision to do this? Did Konrad Mizzi arrange for this daylight robbery on his own? Did civil servants help him?

Who issued the order that made this happen?

Is that a report Joseph Muscat would rather we did not read? Does Speaker Anġlu Farrugia need to check with Robert Abela whether it’s ok for us to know? Let’s not talk about abortion now Joseph Muscat. I’m more interested in the miscarriages of justice you are inducing.