PODCAST: Beware Euromythology. Watch out for Raphael Vassallo.

2021-02-08T11:32:31+01:00Mon, 8th Feb '21, 11:32|

Manuel Delia · Beware Euromyths. Watch Out For Raphael Vassallo. Raphael Vassallo has already dragged me to court on one thing so I know I’m poking some sort of sleepy dragon here but his article about “Britain poaching our nurses” because of the UK’s supposedly advantageous status as a non-EU member state is composed of [...]

Did the security services also tell him to do that?

2021-02-08T07:58:04+01:00Mon, 8th Feb '21, 07:58|

As I see it, the significance of Times of Malta’s story yesterday that as late as March 2019 Joseph Muscat was brokering international business deals for Yorgen Fenech, is not only in how revolting the fact in itself is. It should also dissolve any remaining doubts in his inveterate fans’ minds that still prefer to [...]

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