The other Sultana

2021-02-01T15:14:58+01:00Mon, 1st Feb '21, 15:14|

Press reports covering the continuation of the cases against two priests who sexually abused and in one case raped an altar boy in their care referred to the brief testimony of another priest. That’s Eucharist Sultana who was the Xagħra parish priest between 1974 and 2004. He told the court he knew Joseph Sultana (accused [...]

PODCAST: Robert Abela, the defender of journalists

2021-02-01T10:38:45+01:00Mon, 1st Feb '21, 10:38|

Manuel Delia · Robert Abela, The Defender Of Journalists If Zeus were still alive, he’d have blasted Robert Abela with a freshly forged thunderbolt yesterday when he spoke from his party platform about the sacred right of journalists to ask politicians tough questions. The hypocrisy festival came after Bernard Grech’s complaint that a TVM journalist [...]

The courage to disagree

2021-02-01T08:55:52+01:00Mon, 1st Feb '21, 08:55|

Robert Abela yesterday challenged the opposition party to back him on major policy fronts. He inherited from his predecessor an opposition that did that, so he expects no less now that there’s a different leader of the opposition. One can only hope the opposition doesn’t dance to his tune. The PN’s decision to withdraw their [...]

Opting out of the law

2021-02-01T08:31:22+01:00Mon, 1st Feb '21, 08:31|

There's a report on this morning's rTimes of Malta about Aaron Farrugia and Clint Camilleri "working together" to manage hunting and to hire the members of the committee that is supposed to advise the government on when to allow hunting and when not to. This is supposed to be good news. Indeed the government wanted [...]

The personal touch

2021-02-01T08:14:00+01:00Mon, 1st Feb '21, 08:14|

Why can't they just remember what their proper place is? Here's a letter to an elderly lady advising her of her appointment for the covid vaccine. The Deputy Prime Minister is now scheduling hospital appointments. It's as if the hospital staff, the nursing professionals, all those doctors, administrators, public health officials and epidemiologists are no [...]

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