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Pierre Portelli and I were buddies at university. He’s a bit older than I am. He joined the communications program as a mature student. We shared an interest in horror movies and politics and you know, at some point in one’s life that’s enough to go watch movies and have meaning-of-life conversation into the wee [...]

Why have two magistrates refused to hear the case against Yorgen Fenech’s errand boys?

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Newsbook reported that the chief justice has to handpick a magistrate to hear the police’s case against lawyers Gianluca Caruana Curran and Charles Mercieca for trying to bribe Times of Malta’s Ivan Martin. That means two magistrates must have already dodged the duty to try the case. Admittedly it’s awkward for a magistrate to try [...]

Abolish the statute of limitations for crimes against children

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In August 2018, this website reported the church had suspended a senior Gozitan cleric from the priesthood after “credible” allegations emerged that up to 16 years previously he had groomed and sexually abused a child for several years. That was the case of Eucharist Sultana who was archpriest in Xagħra for several years and who [...]

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