Note to Bernard Grech: if resignations were enough, Joseph Muscat could retire in peace. They’re not enough.

2021-02-19T07:03:22+01:00Thu, 18th Feb '21, 14:34|

Bernard Grech got the Jacob Borg treatment at a policy event of the PN today. He looked like he was expecting it but prepping a pocket smile, a clear brow, and an approachable tone is only half the job. The other half is actually saying the right thing. Praising Pierre Portelli for resigning after news [...]

The leopard who changed his spots

2021-02-18T13:23:18+01:00Thu, 18th Feb '21, 13:23|

Mario Vella has just extended his time on the public payroll by hopping onto another iced bun. He started out as boss at the foreign investment agency. They then gave him the headship of the central bank until they needed the spot to give Edward Scicluna an Irish promotion. Mario Vella is now “special envoy” [...]

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