GUEST POST: No chokehold

2021-02-11T14:52:39+01:00Thu, 11th Feb '21, 12:16|

Sent in by someone known to me. In the past days, Labour Party media channels and subservient others reported as if it were a journalistic scoop, a meeting between Ray Bezzina, a Nationalist Party functionary, and Richard Cachia Caruana. The latter’s very long service to the country and the Nationalist Party has earned him respect [...]

The Nationalist Party too is accountable

2021-02-11T12:46:45+01:00Thu, 11th Feb '21, 10:59|

Some of us never had any doubt but Lovin Malta’s strip-tease reporting confirms the long-held suspicion that Pierre Portelli, as one of the most senior employees of the PN, colluded with Yorgen Fenech to plant stories on media that supports the Labour Party. Pierre Portelli appears to have asked Yorgen Fenech – publicly known then [...]

The animals in our midst

2021-02-11T09:35:38+01:00Thu, 11th Feb '21, 09:35|

Putting this out there precisely because it does not make for pleasant reading. It is a mirror facing our society, an indictment of our education system, and a reminder why in the face of all appeals for national unity, our first priority as human beings is to first think of our own responsibilities as individuals. [...]

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