Does Robert Abela read l-orizzont?

2021-02-03T16:33:05+01:00Wed, 3rd Feb '21, 16:33|

Here’s this morning’s editorial on General Workers’ Union daily l-orizzont. It takes a point from an important decision at the Royal Court of Justice four days ago that quashed guilty verdicts by a lower court that convicted 15 protesters who broke into the airfield of Stansted airport in 2017 to disrupt a repatriation flight dragging [...]

Food porn

2021-02-03T15:06:48+01:00Wed, 3rd Feb '21, 08:09|

Yesterday’s decision by the industrial tribunal to award damages to John Bundy after he was unlawfully thrown out of his job as boss at the national broadcaster shows one thing at least. The board members hired to oversee the company were a bunch of amateurs who did not know the first thing about how to [...]

Don’t be fooled by this. You’re still paying.

2021-02-03T07:37:18+01:00Wed, 3rd Feb '21, 07:37|

I enjoy a spot of fireworks as much as the next guy and I am in awe of the skills involved in putting together extraordinary spectacles. I live and work in Mqabba, the mecca of the national fireworks cult, so I get to see the best stuff, or so folks in Mqabba say. If anything [...]

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