Can the government please stop double-speaking?

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo yesterday categorically assured us his government, including the tourism agency, are not “blessing” mass activities over the summer. Certainly not until the public health authorities tell us that it’s safe enough to party.

Now, look at this “glitch festival”. It’s being advertised for this summer and the list of sponsors includes state-owned Air Malta and the Tourism Authority. Clayton Bartolo is responsible for both agencies.

He may have withheld if he is to be believed, his blessing. But he gave them our tax money to gather in mass events at a time he is admitting the public health authorities are telling him he shouldn’t be doing that again.

Are they going to make us sick all over again so that someone can make a quick buck? Are the organisers of mass parties the only people suffering economic hardship and impatient to get back to business again? Why must all of us wait while these guys behave as if they’ve been blessed by Clayton Bartolo?