This is a statement issued by #occupyjustice this morning:

Once again, the Labour Party has chosen to support and protect the corrupt.

This is no surprise, of course and not the first time this has happened. They defended and protected Joseph Muscat, and still do; they defended and protected Keith Schembri and still do, they defended and protected Rosianne Cutajar and still do, they defended and protected Chris Cardona and still do. And, in spite of all the revelations since the Panama Papers scandal to date, they are now defending and protecting Konrad Mizzi, the disgraced minister they themselves kicked out of their own party.

It is evident, that Labour MPs and Cabinet members of Robert Abela’s government have no intention of doing anything to clear the reputation of our country, since they insist on shielding the corrupt and the criminal. This is nothing less than humiliating for Malta.

Prime Minister, Robert Abela, is showing that he has no intention of leading the country into the right direction. Malta is still being led by the same compromised individuals who headed it during the tenure of disgraced ex-prime minister Joseph Muscat.

#occupyjustice is, once again, appalled at the attitude of Robert Abela’s Government, and reiterates that immediate action against Konrad Mizzi needs to be taken.

We demand a clear stand against anyone who has had links, whether close or far, to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, or who is suspected of any form of involvement in dirty politics. Such individuals should be excluded from parliament and from any participation in political landscape, immediately.

#occupyjustice reiterates its request to Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà to take immediate action and investigate all those who have been escaping justice for far too long, so that justice is seen to be done, and so that justice is done.

#occupyjustice supports the sit-in action of Repubblika outside the Police HQ and we confirm that, like them, our patience, too, has reached its limit.

If you are sick of the corrupt defending the corrupt, if you are angry at the impunity that still reigns, join us outside Castille on Friday 29th October at 6PM and make your voice heard.

This is our nation. This is our home. And we are the people.

We expect better. We deserve better. We demand better.