You know that when you go outside the office of the police to demand they act on 5-year old evidence that a former government minister set himself up for bribes, some people are going to be annoyed. You know that some of those people are going to feel free to go on Facebook and find creative ways of saying they dislike you. All that is a fact of life.

But there’s a line that is sometimes crossed, when someone writes on Facebook how they are going to kill you. Alexandra Micallef feels that protesters outside police headquarters do not deserve the redemption of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So she proposes using heavy machinery to crush protesters to the ground. It is providential that Alexandra Micallef herself is deserving of the redemption of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The matter has been reported to the police. One would imagine just outside police headquarters should be the safest street on the island, though history has not been consistent in that regard.