Exporting arrogance

2022-05-19T16:00:58+02:00Thu, 19th May '22, 16:00|

This is Ian Borg with his wife on a Ryanair flight to Turin this afternoon. They're not flying on a private break. Ian Borg is accompanied by some of his staff and heading a work delegation there. Italian law requires all passengers of flights terminating in Italy to wear an FP2 mask. The legal requirement [...]

How would Anton Refalo feel if a Caravaggio vanished from St John’s and was found hanging in my living room?

2022-05-19T13:42:08+02:00Thu, 19th May '22, 13:13|

See this comment by Anton Refalo to Times of Malta who pressed him over the milestone marker from Victorian Malta that’s been ripped out of its unspecified original location and erected in Anton Refalo’s private garden instead, for him to admire while bobbing in his pool. Part of the reason Anton Refalo continues to get [...]

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