RIGHT OF REPLY: Christian Abela writes in

2022-05-23T12:05:10+02:00Mon, 23rd May '22, 12:05|

The following was sent in by Christian Abela as a right of reply to my article of earlier today. Mr Abela specifically asked that his reply is not edited so I am reproducing it here as he sent it. As usual comments are not published beneath posts as a right of reply. B'risposta ghal artiklu ippublikat [...]

After Capaci

2022-05-23T11:10:30+02:00Mon, 23rd May '22, 11:10|

I hope you have been following Repubblika's social media posts during the visit of my colleagues Robert Aquilina and Alessandra Dee Crespo to Palermo as guests of the organisers of the memorial events marking the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Giovanni Falcone. That day in Capaci the mafia also killed Falcone’s wife Francesca Morvillo [...]

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