Airborne Nicoise

2022-05-09T09:57:58+02:00Mon, 9th May '22, 09:57|

Someone sent me a screenshot of a Facebook post by one John Charles Ellul trying to be smart about the opening of Parliament. He asks how it is possible the country appears to have run out of eggs and tomatoes to be tossed at PN MPs on their way out of Parliament. The drafting is [...]

Under the influence

2022-05-09T09:53:57+02:00Mon, 9th May '22, 09:53|

I feel silly having to say this and I’m warned that by drawing attention to things Simon Mercieca, that self-loathing slug who splutters through the slime he excretes and proceeds to ingest, I give him the attention he craves and help spread the lies he spews. It would seem sensible to ignore him, except that [...]

GUEST POST: Putin’s Propaganda School

2022-05-09T08:57:09+02:00Mon, 9th May '22, 08:57|

Anya (not her real name) is 16 years old and lives just outside Moscow. I first met her about a year ago as her online English language teacher. She’s bright, articulate, devours the Russian classics and has also read Orwell’s 1984 which, for her, is ‘about the total control of people by the government’, Big [...]

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