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I had not heard of Shireen Abu Aqla before she was killed. When I first heard of her death I thought it was sad that another war reporter found themselves between a bullet and its intended target. Then I heard an interview with her former boss who explained that that morning she wasn’t on some [...]

Court orders liquidation of Keith Schembri’s film-making company

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The Civil Court has ordered the dissolution of a film production company half-owned by Keith Schembri after one of its shareholders complained in court the banks were treating him with prejudice because of his link with Joseph Muscat’s former chief of staff. Film producer Oliver Mallia set up Cinebiss Limited in 2007, the same year [...]

George wagging at short skirts

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Perhaps President George Vella doesn’t see the contradictions in his remarks, nor indeed, the fact that implicitly he is blaming Ukraine for having been invaded by Russia. But that’s no excuse. George Vella is quoted here by TVM making two comments. I am translating them. In 2014 I suggested that Ukraine goes neutral for between [...]

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