GUEST POST: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Stupidity

2022-05-11T10:32:09+02:00Wed, 11th May '22, 10:32|

(Apologies to Nicholas Cage) I don’t purport to be Greek, like one of our politicians. I don’t pretend to be British even though I am a British citizen by virtue of having been born in the UK. Wherever I go and whoever I deal with, I identify myself as Maltese. How could I do otherwise? [...]

Misinformation in war

2022-05-11T09:51:57+02:00Wed, 11th May '22, 09:51|

A California Senator, an ancient Greek dramatist, a Chinese military strategist, and several others have been credited with coining the phrase ‘the first casualty of war is truth’. Which is ironic. What’s more ironic is that here in Malta by the time war breaks out truth is long dead. No mourning for sincerity here. Consider [...]

Parliamentary cringe fest

2022-05-11T11:21:59+02:00Wed, 11th May '22, 09:24|

Volodymyr Zelensky is resisting an invasion of his country by the Russian army. He is standing tall while his city and several other of his country’s cities are being bombarded from the air and sustaining the cost of artillery fire. He holds back his tears as he witnesses the bodies of civilians and soldiers strewn [...]

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