The Justice Minister who dodged MEPs

2022-05-26T13:18:43+02:00Thu, 26th May '22, 11:48|

A delegation of the European Parliament’s committee responsible for the justice sector tried to meet the new Maltese justice minister Jonathan Attard during their visit to Malta earlier this week and though they finally managed to see him they didn’t hear him utter a word. Sources told this website the delegation of MEPs that included [...]

We’ve got to help ourselves

2022-05-26T11:22:19+02:00Thu, 26th May '22, 11:22|

With a number of other journalists, I was invited by the MEPs from the LIBE committee who were here earlier this week to tell them what I thought about the progress Malta was making in aligning itself with democratic norms, particularly the rule of law. Their final question to us was what we thought they [...]

Charlie Hebdo on journalism in Malta

2022-05-26T09:46:10+02:00Thu, 26th May '22, 09:46|

Charlie Hebdo's Laure Daussy writes this report about safety for journalists in Malta just shy of five years since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. As is the style of the magazine the piece is accompanied by cartoons with a fascinating take on something that is as close to them as it is to us. At [...]

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