Is Victoria Buttigieg considering her position?

2022-06-02T09:42:22+02:00Thu, 2nd Jun '22, 09:42|

Victoria Buttigieg has security of tenure protected by the Constitution. This means that except for very exceptional reasons and on the back of cross-party Parliamentary consensus, no one can ever fire her. This is meant to ensure she acts independently of pressures from people who would otherwise be able to threaten her income or her [...]

Sometimes it works

2022-06-02T08:59:57+02:00Thu, 2nd Jun '22, 08:59|

This is not a website where you come for happy reading. It’s almost always dark, critical, sometimes even flirting with being cynical. So, here’s an exception. Yesterday the government produced a candidate to run the Planning Authority, a den of iniquity if ever there was one. He was grilled by Opposition MPs Karol Aquilina and [...]

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