GUEST POST: We have to have hope.

2022-06-16T15:49:36+02:00Thu, 16th Jun '22, 15:49|

This article is based on a speech delivered by activist Philippa Kempson from the Hope Project in Lesbos, Greece. She was speaking at a meeting of the Medì conference organised by the community of Sant’Egidio in Livorno in May. More than 2 years have passed since the yearly Medì series was forced to cancel a [...]

Did you know we have a national anti-racism policy?

2022-06-16T15:21:58+02:00Thu, 16th Jun '22, 15:21|

I didn’t have the heart to write again about Lassana Cisse today despite the last farewell by his friends at the mosque this morning. I last wrote about the man in this post when I heard his body was finally going to be put on its way back to his mother. I read the coverage [...]

Untenable position

2022-06-16T11:20:20+02:00Thu, 16th Jun '22, 11:20|

Readers familiar with this blog know that I do not presume to have a contribution to make to every controversy on the island. People familiar with me know that I’m likely to have an opinion. But I limit the opinions I write about in my blog to ones that are informed, that I’ve read about, [...]

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