The farcical middle act of a tragedy

2022-06-25T10:00:06+02:00Sat, 25th Jun '22, 10:00|

Jean Claude Micallef is pitching for the job to run the association of premier league football clubs saying in a Facebook post (because that’s how job applications for senior executive positions are filed these days) words to the effect that he meant to rescue Maltese football from having “its reputation clouded”. I can tell you [...]

Tensions within MFA as Joseph Muscat recalls political debt owed by Bjorn Vassallo

2022-06-25T15:44:46+02:00Sat, 25th Jun '22, 09:03|

MFA President Bjorn Vassallo is under pressure to support Joseph Muscat’s candidature to the presidency of the association of elite football clubs, not least because the support of key Joseph Muscat allies was crucial for Vassallo’s election in 2019. Bjorn Vassallo owes his election to the top job in the football federation to key Joseph [...]

GUEST POST: ‘Ullo Bob! Gotta New Motor? (The AUM goes into Top Gear)

2022-06-25T07:08:33+02:00Sat, 25th Jun '22, 07:08|

On Wednesday, the Economy Minister, Silvio Schembri, presented 2 resolutions to Parliament’s National Audit Committee concerning the Żonqor-SmartCity land deal with the American University of Malta, the AUM. Pertaining to Robert Abela’s ‘new vision’ for the ‘university’, this deal is described as ‘giving back the land’ to the people, the catch being that the land [...]

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