The silent consumer protectors

2022-06-08T12:37:06+02:00Wed, 8th Jun '22, 12:36|

Read Malta Today’s editorial that says that the issue of second-hand cars with manipulated odometers goes beyond the fraud perpetrated by the people selling the cars. There are ways to avoid the fraud and public officials have a role in doing that when conducting checks in port and again when an imported second-hand vehicle is [...]

If it’s all right to censor the Pope …

2022-06-08T09:39:22+02:00Wed, 8th Jun '22, 09:39|

Pope Francis’s speech to Maltese “dignitaries” earlier this year was famously censored by the national broadcaster who ignored the pontiff’s pointed remarks about the moral duty to fight corruption. May your commitment to eliminate illegality and corruption be strong, like the north wind that sweeps the coasts of this country. May you always [...]

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