First things first, right?

2022-06-22T14:50:48+02:00Wed, 22nd Jun '22, 14:50|

It won’t surprise anyone that unlike the general trend in Europe, most Maltese people worry more about their standard of living than the protection of European values. In people’s mind, too often, values have no value. The question was being asked as Europe was measuring the mood about the consequences of the war in Ukraine. [...]

Go on then, show us how corrupt football is

2022-06-22T10:45:42+02:00Wed, 22nd Jun '22, 10:45|

God knows I’m not an expert. It’s not the smartest thing to rely on vaguely informed prejudices and making judgements on poorly informed smatterings of mostly misunderstood information. Don’t come here for an analysis of the ins and outs of Maltese (or any other sort of) football. But I know Joseph Muscat. I’ve been one [...]

PODCAST: A question the government does not want asking

2022-06-22T10:13:58+02:00Wed, 22nd Jun '22, 10:13|

Manuel Delia · A Question The Government Does Not Want Asking The debate at the Public Accounts Committee on whether police chief Angelo Gafà should be called to testify in the interminable Electrogas inquiry was spine-crushingly boring. The outcome was that the government MPs over-ruled the wishes of the opposition MPs to call Gafà to [...]

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