It’s a mistake to call this a mistake

2022-06-27T15:19:52+02:00Mon, 27th Jun '22, 14:54|

We have slid down so far that we are reduced to hoping Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg is an incompetent, bungling idiot who has been promoted way beyond her dubious abilities because the only alternative horrifies us too much to say aloud: that she is a bespectacled tentacle of the mafia, a complicit agent of crime. [...]

The conflict persists

2022-06-27T10:22:14+02:00Mon, 27th Jun '22, 10:22|

When Nadine Lia was appointed magistrate, many warned there would be many occasions where her family ties would put her in conflict with her independence or, as a bare minimum, the public's perception of her independence. She's Paul Lia's daughter in law. Her father in law is the Labour Party's lawyer. He is a long-term [...]

He has a €100m to buy an island. Are they all his?

2022-06-27T10:07:12+02:00Mon, 27th Jun '22, 10:07|

The Nadur festa decorators were mighty indignant because people outside their pocket-sized universe mocked the canonisation of Joe Portelli, depicted as St John the Evangelist on one of their festa banners. The Nadurin football club fans reacted in a similar way after off-worlders found their public worship of Portelli distasteful. Joe Portelli gives them money [...]

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