PODCAST: Hostages in their minds

2022-06-13T19:19:50+02:00Mon, 13th Jun '22, 19:10|

This one is just over 20 minutes long. So put your earphones on and take the time. Manuel Delia · Hostages In Their Minds I honestly don’t understand the argument about the supposed causes of the internal divisions in the PN or that it is being held hostage by Repubblika or the rest of the [...]

Stalin would be proud

2022-06-13T09:28:18+02:00Mon, 13th Jun '22, 09:28|

Look at this headline on top of TVM’s online coverage of Graffitti’s action on Comino this weekend. “The Blue Lagoon free of umbrellas and deckchairs”. How did it get free? Why did it need to be freed? Will it still be free tomorrow? That headline is not simply incompetent journalism. It is eminently competent deceit. [...]

No fairness please. We’re Maltese.

2022-06-13T09:14:12+02:00Mon, 13th Jun '22, 09:14|

The ‘state of the nation’ was debated last week at a meeting hosted by the president. I’m just going to pick out this snippet. Freshly retired former civil service chief Mario Cutajar was reacting to remarks by other panellists about how a survey published at the conference found that 1 in 3 voters admitted visiting [...]

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