Malta helps shipowners increase profits transporting Putin’s oil – report

2022-06-06T16:55:37+02:00Mon, 6th Jun '22, 16:55|

An analysis by international NGO Global Witness and seen by UK newspaper The Independent, shows that shipowners flying EU flags of Malta, Cyprus and Greece, are making more money carrying Russian crude oil since the EU started its attempt to punish Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine. The exceptions negotiated so far by Europe’s [...]

Applying Alfred Sant’s standards today

2022-06-06T16:23:32+02:00Mon, 6th Jun '22, 16:23|

Read this story on The Shift News. The website is reporting that Christian Borg who has been charged with kidnapping and is being investigated for using his car dealership as a money laundering racket has filed the cheapest offer for a tender issued by the government for leased cars for the personal use of judges, [...]

Ian Borg takes lessons from the best

2022-06-06T10:43:24+02:00Mon, 6th Jun '22, 10:43|

Inveterate tree-chopping Ian Borg posted on his Facebook wall his meeting with possibly the worst democratically elected head of state in the world right now, Jair Bolsonaro. There were a lot of quips about how Ian Borg must have flaunted his tree-destroying record with Bolsonaro who has made it easier for loggers to eat into [...]

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