I’m not writing this to depress you though purely for the purpose of sympathetic easing, it would help if it did.

You might wonder how people behave online sometimes, how they get to support their heroes in spite of all the evidence there’s nothing heroic about them, or how Labour wins elections.

Lovin Malta put up this (presumably paid for) fluff piece about how high the jackpot in the Italian lottery had risen. “All you need to do is pick your lucky 6 numbers and hope that your chosen numbers match the 6 winning numbers,” because that’s how lotteries work.

On come several dozen readers with their lucky numbers posted as comments underneath the post. These people not only fancied their chances of winning a lottery, they actually thought they stood a chance of winning without the effort (and the cost) of buying a ticket.

These are the people who bought a free ticket to l-aqwa żmien. Geniuses.